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Photographs from the Edges of the Sea


The sea and its constant changing, constant motion, make every moment it's experienced unique and fleeting. I am drawn to capture examples of these 'scapes, these edges of the Earth, where breathing in the salty air seems to fill the lungs more full, more reassuringly. This collection of photographs comes from those experiences along the edges of the Salish Sea, more specifically the small island of Lopez. My family has owned a small plot of land there since 1978.  As a child, i remember traveling in our old Volkswagen bus, waiting in line for sometimes hours to catch the ferry through the Rosario Strait and into the small dock at the north end of the Island.  Sometimes we would see seals or a Orca.  All we had on the property was a lean-to, built by my father with three walls and a corrugated tin roof.  We usually slept in a tent or just out in the open air, hoping not to find shiny slug trails across our sleeping bags in morning. 


It was a magical place, and still is for me, the leann-to is still there but the family built a cabin a few years ago so it's a little less of a "rustic" experience. Going back, I always think about my experiences as a child, and how I'm drawn not to just the physical space, but the way the space feels, much of what I've photographed are from memories, the cabin on the Spit (though it has been remodeled), I remember mooing at cows in the pasture from the window of the bus, and making forts on the beach in the summer to hide from the sun in.  These photographs are bits of an island, but they are also bits of me, bits of who I am and who I recognize myself to be. 

                                                                         *   *   *

*** These Images are printed 12x12 on archival Hahnemühle Matte Fine Art Photo Paper in editions of 16.

Prices: (prices do not include tax or shipping)

                       Print Only: $200.00

                       Framed & Matted: $300.00

Spencer Spit Cabin. 2017. Lopez Island, WA.
The Hyak. 2017.
Rolling Fog. 2017.
Beach Fort. 2017. Lopez Island, WA.
Run Aground. 2017.
Spencer Spit Park. 2017.
Entering the Fog. 2016.
The Edge of Iceberg Point. 2017. Lopez Island, WA
Sweet Grass Farm. 2014. Lopez, Island, WA.
Watmough Bay. 2016. Lopez, Island, WA.
Horse Drawn Farm. 2017. Lopez, Island, WA.
The Spit. Lopez, Island, WA. 2018.
Drift Logs. Spencer Spit SP. 2017. Lopez, Island, WA.
Rosario Strait. 2017.
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